Deandrea McIntosh

Registered Counselling Therapist – Candidate (she/her)

Available for your choice of virtual or in-person appointments

I grew up in the Bahamas, around lovely, kind and caring people, many of whom were in helping professions, because my mother worked at a health clinic. I always got a front row seat to her and her colleagues being there for people when they needed help the most, and that always stuck with me.

I always knew I wanted to be a “helper” as well, but at first, I thought that my path would be to be a nurse, but that changed once I moved to Canada for university. As someone who didn’t grow up in Canada, I became aware of nuances and behaviours that I just didn’t “get” at times, and this made me curious about why people do, feel and behave in the ways that they do. I also noticed how BUSY the counselling center was at the school and how many people benefitted from their sessions with the therapists there. There was something about mental health that kept drawing me in, so…I switched from nursing to psychology! Immediately I started to become more in tune with the subtleties of human behaviour, how small changes can make a big difference in someone’s emotional wellbeing,  and the increasing importance of mental health services.

I have since graduated with my undergrad in psychology and my master’s degree in Counselling Psychology. I have learned so much through the past few years, about others, and myself. I have found that my own mental health has improved from the education around how our minds work, and with the support and community of my classmates. I’ve learned better self-care practices and to let go of some persistent perfectionism tendencies.

This journey, from Bahamas, to Canada, from curious, to educated, has given me the tools to support you in your path to mental health and wellness. If what I’ve shared resonates with you, reach out, I’m accepting new clients and am available via online therapy, or in-person counselling sessions.

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