Every person experiences struggles at some point in their relationship.

We’re not born knowing how to have healthy and successful relationships. If you and your partner(s) are stuck in a cycle of arguing, criticism, or feeling disconnected this can strain your relationship. If your communication is breaking down and you’re feeling hurt – we can help.

The goal of relationship therapy is to help you and your partner(s) discover the core issues that keep you stuck in these negative patterns. Our aim is to help you communicate so that you feel heard and understood. We will work to identify your relationship goals and the steps required to get there.

Areas of focus in relationship therapy can include communication challenges, infidelity, ethical non-monogamy, parenting issues, resentment, disconnection, sexual problems, and more.

Relationship therapy is not a place for judgment and it requires a commitment to do the work outside of our sessions together. We work to provide a safe and open environment for you and your partner(s) to explore the struggles you’re facing and develop a deeper sense of intimacy. We use a mix of evidence-based tools to tailor our sessions to address your unique challenges and we often give out of session assignments to continue learning or practicing the skills we discuss in session.

If you’re thinking about relationship therapy we’re glad you’re here. Contact us to arrange your complimentary 15-minute phone consultation to get started.

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